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We Are KS Films,
Film and television production company.

KS Films is a Moroccan production company specialized in line production and production services for all sorts of media and film projects.

We offer a wide range of services to companies and professionals in the film and audiovisual industry.

Our Expertise

We make films, with recognized expertise in cinema and television.


We do TV shows, commercials, music videos, news and documentaries.

Our Services Include:

Permits & Government Authorizations

A shooting permit is required to film in Morocco. KS Films will speed up the process with its excellent relations with the local officials.

Customs Clearance

KS Films Handles all customs clearance of equipment. Our representatives arrange the customs clearance immediately when a shipment is expected at any of the ports or airports in major Moroccan cities.


KS Films crew is a group of multilingual and experienced film professionals and technicians, production Managers, Location Managers, Production Co-coordinator, Production Assistants, Production Accountants, Cashier 1st and 2nd Assistant Director, Focus Puller, Clapper, Loader, Art Director, Set Decorator, Prop man, Costume Designer and more

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