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Permits & Government Authorizations

A shooting permit is required to film in Morocco. KS Films will speed up the process with its excellent relations with the local officials.

Customs Clearance

KS Films Handles all customs clearance of equipment. Our representatives arrange the customs clearance immediately when a shipment is expected at any of the ports or airports in major Moroccan cities.


KS Films crew is multilingual and experienced. Our diverse team can cover both your technical and artistic needs.

Location Scout

Our film location managers are ready to go scouting to meet any project requirements. Videos, and pictures could be sent according to your needs.


We provide a large selection of vehicles with or without drivers, from limousines to small cars. Air-conditioned Minibuses, 4-wheel drive for hard run, Trailers/Winnebago, Honey wagon, Make up truck, Wardrobe truck, Silent Generators, Professional lighting/grip and camera trucks, open and locked trucks, International air ticketing, Airplane/helicopter charters; all at a very competitive price.

Props & Costumes

KS Films has access to warehouses all over Morocco. Props and costumes are rented and manufactured according to each project requirements.

On Set Equipment

Walkie-talkies, megaphone, smoke machine, wind machine, Scaffolding, tents, Easy-ups, road blocking material and personal mobile phones if needed.

Lighting & Grip

KS Films has large selection of lighting and grip equipment that can be available anywhere in Morocco.


KS Films is partnered with local and European catering specialists who have an extensive experience cooking for films.



KS Films offers a large catalogue of actors and extras according to any directors criteria.


We guarantee accommodation all over Morocco, we make sure that hotels provide the best services to our guests, we don’t take anything for granted!

Production & Sound Stage

We can make available a wide variety of production facilities and a large sound stage.

Military Equipment & Personnel

KS Films is one of the rare film production service companies in Morocco to have successfully and economically combined the services of the Moroccan military in feature films and commercials. KS Films has participated in many large-scale projects of a military nature, ensuring the necessary assistance and liaison with the military authorities thanks to our vast experience.


KS Films provides drone services all over Morocco

Footage & Media

KS Films has a large library of photos and videos of popular Moroccan cities and landscapes. KS Films can also shoot videos for lesser known locations on demand.

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